How To Create A Killer Kindle eBook Cover

How To Design Your eBook Cover
One of the many things you can improve upon when releasing your e-book would be the cover.

For a digital product, the customer doesn’t really see much of the product. Hence, it is important that you convince your customer not only with the content but with how the product looks – in this case, the e-book cover.

In designing your e-book cover, we’ve prepared a short list of things to remember to help increase your conversion rates. These tips are proven with many of the people we’ve helped so it wouldn’t hurt to heed them.

1) Be clear about what the e-book is all about. While design is a very important part of the e-book, you should also remember that your customers are looking for information – and they have to know that the information they’re looking for is found in your e-book.

2) State the name of the author. While this may not exactly be much helpful to the new publisher, you can’t deny that if you’ve created a name for yourself in the business, having your name appear on the front page would help increase the book’s authority. And even if you’re a new writer, this can also be of an advantage to you – this can even be the first step to creating a name for yourself.

3) Do not add the Price! I’ve seen many people do this and honestly, it’s a very bad idea to do so and this is the reason why: As a writer, you are creating value for your customers through your writing. This means that the money they spend for your book, no matter how big or small is justified by your e-book’s content. The moment a reader sees your price – and mostly if it is out of their league – they would reconsider buying and no amount of information on the book can help you get them back

How To Create Your Own eBook Covers

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